Eating Healthy.

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We must make our children to eat right so that they cultivate good eating habits that will ensure that they live both longer and in good health. Instead by age 6 our children are addicted to sugar, fried, junk, white flour, bread, rice, meat, and foods with taste enhancers and preservatives. Restaurants are not concerned with the nourishment value of the fare that they serve up, as they are with thrilling our taste buds. It is the same with the packaged food industry that is driven by considerations of commerce than by our well being. As a result a lot of what we consume is inflammatory and in the long run even carcinogenic.

The body is essentially self-healing. Whatever be the state of your health, know that your body can fix it. You need only to stop polluting the inner environment. There is tremendous intelligence within the body. This intelligence builds it from a single cell to the complex machinery that we are and is constantly replacing old cells with new ones. Disease happens when body chemistry is disturbed from years of abuse and as a result cell regulation and functioning in some places gets out of order. The effects become visible here and there, when in actual fact your whole body is in poor health.

Medication might be necessary at this time to assist the process by creating conditions that manipulate cell responseThe basic repairing though even now is done by the body. Nevertheless the complaint keeps coming back because on one hand you take medication (usually with an ever-increasing dosage) and on the other you carry on with that which produced the problem. In truth improper lifestyle and eating habits is solely to blame for all chronic deceases and it is vital we eat healthy not only when we are recovering from illness but all through our lives at all times. 

As a final point, our habits must be such that there is proper digestion and absorption of food and also proper elimination of waste so that cells get the nutrition that they need and there is no build up of toxins in the body and at the organsThere are doctors that will say to you that nutritional regime has little or no role to play in disease. Then look at it this way – you take a tablet of a few milligrams and it affects every part of your body. How much more lasting and potent would be the outcome of the kilograms that you put in day in, day out, over years?

The Road Not Taken.

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Much of what we do every day is not the result of conscious deliberation. We are as if on autopilot mode acting and reacting out of habit. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. Being mindful all the time of everything that we do would take up a lot of energy. Only some habits can be menacing and put up hurdles to where we would like to go with our lives and to our happiness. For this reason it is essential to recognize our habits for what they are, to become aware of the mechanism at work, and to know that it is we who have power over them and not the other way around.

Repeated actions turn into habits. You have been thinking in a particular way. That is all there is to it. These are subconscious patterns that you are predisposed to out of familiarity. You have the choice nevertheless between taking the accustomed and charting out new roads (or neural pathways). We feel we are helpless before our habits when in actual fact unwanted habits can be willfully weakened by starving them of the act. Similarly helpful habits can be cultivated or nurtured by consciously doing the thing over and over till such time it acquires the force of a habit and becomes the usual.