This is my country, this my ancestry and this the custom, this is my religion, and so on. To tell the truth, we hold these in high regard for the most part only because we were born into them. And then to gain recognition and admiration of others we carry on adding – I am an alumnus or member of such and such, this is my title or standing, and the rest of it.

Creating an identity is an accumulation and something we wear. We must make this distinction. The problem is that we get so wrapped up in these that we come to believe this is what we are. Should anyone fault any of these we feel threatened and get very defensive. Besides our affections get restricted because in the process we erect walls of us and them, ours and theirs.

Hold the notion that I am so and so loosely and you feel that connection once more. It also sets you free to truly savor a diversity of cultures and philosophies. And what is more in the absence of all this labeling, you might just find yourself.