We would all be a lot happier for the most part were it not for the habit of being anxious about the future. In a sense, the future is only imaginings. It has its uses, but must not be permitted to take over our life. The problem is when you open the mind’s door to this, you also allow in worry and fear and we are doing this all the time. Certainly, there will be times when you face difficulty and challenges. But then you will be around and do what you must at the time to overcome them. Besides who can say what is good or what will follow.

There is a wonderful Zen story where a farmer’s horse runs away only to return the next day with a herd of wild horses it had come upon. The following day the farmer’s son attempts to ride one of the wild horses, falls off and breaks his leg. And a few days afterwards soldiers arrive at the village drafting for the army and the son does not have to go because of the broken leg, and so on.