Just how we respond to a situation is a habit. Our way of thinking is a habit. Personality is a habit. Something transpired in the past and this influences the manner you behave the next time around and over and over again. And each time this conduct is reinforced until it becomes a habit. You are then predisposed to acting this way without knowing why and you think it is what you believe and how you are. Your thoughts take the existing much travelled path rather than clearing new ones. We are most of the time reacting rather than reflecting. In this way, we are inclined towards some suggestions and hesitant and at unease with others.

What all this means is that you can consciously nurture ideas – give them greater weight – till eventually they become a big part of the way you think. What is more, sometimes something that perhaps ought to be inconsequential can become a big part of us. A line of thinking that is without rationality and possibly damaging. When you understand and are mindful of the mechanism at work it is possible to take charge of your thinking. Like tackling any habit, you need only to consciously do the opposite. As you are going against the flow, it takes some effort at first. When consciously repeated and reinforced, you will in time rewire your mind.