Do what you must do and then leave the rest to Him or Guru. This is where faith and devotion comes in – just leave it to Him, may His will be done. In this way offer your work to Him.

Surrender is to be with no fear or anger. Once you surrender you should be at peace. Besides, fear and anger expend life-energy and bring ill health and when you surrender, you should see your physical health and energy improve as well. Working this way is not a defeatist approach. Inaction is not being advocated. On the contrary you must be unswerving in your effort in fulfilling your duties and doing what you must. Neither is indifference and apathy being advocated. Working this way you will automatically find yourself nearer to Him and to all life. Your every utterance and action will bring calm and do good to others and there can be nothing more fulfilling, says Sri Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita.