Every one of us is oblivious of his own wrongdoing and is upright in his own esteem. Here lies a difficulty and there must therefore be some basic guidelines, by which we can examine our own actions, and principles that we must be mindful of all the time.

Truth is that which is, beyond individual perception and belief. Truth commands respect. There is a certain sanctity to truth. An admission or acknowledgment of the truth is often the starting point for reason. Besides that, truthfulness makes things uncomplicated and straightforward. Fairness is justice all around. It is central to cooperation among people. Fairness helps preserve trust and closeness. Injustice on the other hand is born out of greed and often imposed by intimidation. Injustice destroys harmony and peace and produces conflict. Kindness is the cornerstone of morality. There is kindness in every person if only we dispose-off the muck that we cover ourselves in. An unkind act causes distress to another and we must, for instance, reject any ideology or call that advocates mindless hostility and cruelty towards others. Self-forgetfulness is necessary in as much as we do not make truthfulness and fairness and kindness subordinate or secondary to our interest or to those or that to which we are attached or committed. We must be especially wary of egotism and group-loyalty which ever so often leads us astray. The other obstacle is fear. Fear inclines us irrespective to stand with the crowd or to take the undemanding path rather than brave difficulties. Courage finally is indispensable to moral conduct.