There are occasions when time seems to fly and other occasions which seem an eternity. Our experience of time-speed has to do seemingly with the direction of our attention, i.e. is it directed on the present experience, or a present expectation, or on what went before, or is it reminiscing the distant past or making plans for the future? And then again, is the attention focused, or is it distracted or preoccupied. The experience of slowing time is a consequence of a non-wandering attention focused on a present (not distant) expectation. Anybody who has been in an automobile accident will tell you that what must have been barely a second or two appears a great deal longer and it is like watching a scene enfolding before you in slow motion before you come back to normal time-speed. More commonplace examples of time slowing would be, for instance, when you need to urinate most urgently and the bathroom is in use, or when you are watching milk boil, or when you encounter an unfamiliar setting or situation and are alert and on your guard. On the other hand, time speeds up when you are utterly immersed in the present as in when you are engrossed with an undivided attention in work or when you are in the arms of your partner with no yearning or concern for nothing.