The mind is all the time running, jumping from one subject to another. You notice or hear or are reflecting on something and like a search engine at work, all kinds of recollections, knowledge you’ve acquired, that which you’ve read or seen, as well as other things or events associated with it come to mind. Your thoughts are just an interaction or linking of all of these. And then the mind picks-up something else and again the same process ensues and so on and so forth. Some thoughts are ludicrous, some immoral and therefore we dismiss them. Others like fear do harm if we stay with them for long.  What is important to note however is that whereas you might not be in command of your thoughts, you do have power over the attention that you give them. Besides, it is this attention that gives a thought strength. Furthermore, moment to moment, at any moment only a single thing or matter can hold your attention. For example, divert your attention and you become oblivious to the pain you were feeling. Or you are anxious about something and then some other concern crops up and the former dissipates.

Don’t attend to pessimistic or depressing thoughts. On the other hand make time for and give your attention to and savour the countless little things that hold possibility for happiness. It could be something as basic as – lying a little longer in bed after you wake up, taking a hot shower, sipping on ginger-tea, watching a downpour, a sattvic meal, driving your automobile on a scenic road, a foot massage following a tiring day, or a back rub as you fall asleep.