We live in a world that believes that ownership produces happiness and where everybody is for that reason single-minded in the pursuit of money to the exclusion of all else. Another motivator is the pursuit of stature. Then there is envy which in itself is cause for misery to the individual. The present-day model would have us perpetually expanding wants. It should come as no surprise then that in spite of all this headless consumption happiness is elusive. So for example, after you have achieved all that you’d aspired to, you then want more of the same – more cars, more homes, more jewelry, and so on, with no end in sight?

We would all have a lot more spare cash and feel wealthier for instance, if we own that which is sufficient and not be wasteful.  Besides things we own need to be looked after and excess of anything does not add to happiness but rather brings with it its own problems. What is more, if it is experience that we seek, then stuff that we’d use only sparingly may well be rented instead of bought. Beyond a point it ought not to be about how much more can we own but about how best can we put surplus savings to good use?