An infant attempting to walk, picks himself up every time that he stumbles and persists till he gets better at it and walking becomes commonplace. For the child it is simply about pushing the limits towards reaching his or her potential. But at some point in our childhood things change. You become self-conscious and concern yourself with the opinion of others and you are then plagued with self-doubt. Or you were ridiculed and it hurt and you do not want to feel that way again and so you withdraw into a shell and make yourself invisible, or deal with it by forever bragging and making yourself out to be something larger to conceal a deeper feeling of inadequacy. Self-doubt and self-consciousness must on no account be allowed to take root in your subconscious. These are thought patterns that are formed because you have been again and again thinking in that manner and a consequence of your telling yourself that you are not good enough or that you cannot do this and that. Parents, many a time unknowingly, are also to blame for this and so are educators and our institutions. As a result you come to believe that you are weak or a sinner or that you hold no influence. When at the core of your being and underlying everything; you are complete and perfect and the very basis of goodness. Rather belief in one’s self should be taught and entrenched from an early age – to never think that anything is impossible for you or for others and to work always with never-ending courage and energy and persistence, like the infant attempting to walk that picks himself up every time that he stumbles.