For the majority of us insecurity is not about a lack of food or a home as it is about fear and desire… a desire for permanence and for certainty and to be in control of things. Insecurity is fear and like all fear it weakens and enslaves and causes distress. The problem with seeking security is that it has the ability to shape our thinking to accept that which is disagreeable. We give up our freedom to pursuing an illusion. We do not make time to pursue things important to us. Besides the more you have, the more you stand to lose. So, having gathered wealth or status or power, we are then afraid to lose it. Or we do not want to be vulnerable and so we put up walls around us. And this separation from the rest in turn is further cause for feeling insecure.

Uncertainty and impermanence is the nature of things. Life is going to be beautiful and life is going to be harsh. On the other hand even a crisis can prove a blessing – it can unshackle us or leave us wiser or get us out of a rut and open new doors. Instead we bury our dreams and step in-line rather than rock the boat. Our lives have become a restricted and mechanical regimen where every aspect is determined by social norms. We have lost touch with our true selves in our obsession with an illusive destination when it is the journey or how we live the present that is important. If we are to be true to ourselves and we must recognise that security is nonexistent and accept that life is going to have its ups and downs.