What would happen if the ego were to drop altogether? There will be no desire or ambition whatsoever, this is the first thing. With no egoistic urge, you’d speak sparingly. You’d become intuitive. You’d grow detached, simply doing as you must, valuing a new found tranquility of mind over everything else. There would be no fear of anything or feeling threatened. No anger concerning your situation. There would no longer be that emptiness or longing for companionship, and yet there would be this sense of closeness not to a specific person but to all of life. And you may possibly give up eating meat. All of this would happen by itself automatically and not the other way around. This can happen to anybody but is more likely at a point in one’s life when a belief in which you have put tremendous faith, on which you have constructed your whole existence, comes crashing down and there is a sense of total hopelessness and dejection and there is no more holding on and no more longing for anything. That period of surrender more than any other holds potential for great transformation towards clarity.