Our thoughts are very often irrational or even obsessive. Thinking is the past interpreting or giving perspective to the present. It is a point of view and in a sense a distortion of reality. We look at the world through a prism of our worries, regrets and sorrows; essentially through our story. Your perceived reality need not be the way it is and you need not respond to life-situations in the manner that you do. Explore the mind with curiosity. Why do you think in the manner you do? Honest introspection is all that is needed; and surprisingly thoughts lose their compulsive force, there is clarity, and you are empowered to steer the mind. Dive deep into the subconscious, just looking and not judging, going wherever the investigation leads you. Uncover yourself. Find out what you are and why you are the way you are, and by doing so make peace with yourself. Be fearless for at the very depth, beyond what are no more than memories of experience, you are – untainted fullness without limitation.