Creativity is put simply the interaction of the person with the art or vocation or anything else. All that is needed is to bring to the table that which is truly you without regard to socially enforced notions. You might say you create with feeling and curiosity, and not with rationality. Often the fear of embarrassment or being unsure of yourself is the only hurdle to creating. As children we are creative. But as we grow up we became increasingly self-conscious and also we are trained to adhere to convention. In a sense we lose sight of ourselves and lose our will to conventions – what is right, what praiseworthy and which the proper way. That is why the commonplace and unoriginal, because the mind is constipated with these that we never go beyond.

Every individual has a unique history and consequently an only one of its kind perspective and aesthetic sense. Hone your skills but do not block yourself or deliberately try to be different. Give yourself some alone-time, free the mind of distraction, and give the subject sufficient mind-space; and sooner or later you will have your insights. And every now and then the mind will dive deep, past the person to the essence and core of your being and bring up something beautiful. The joyfulness of creating is reward in itself. You bring what is within to the material and the expression in turn reveals something of yourself to you. And like everything else, the more you indulge the more creative you become – more you come to trust your instincts, to free yourself of everything that is not you, and better you get at synthesizing the self and the material.