Complexity is the involvement of the personality – a bundle of amassed memories and social conditioning. A return to simplicity is about unburdening yourself of the nonessential and the unreal. It is about loosening the grip of persona and divesting yourself of ego, on the road to uncovering your true self. 

A return to simplicity is to once again have the sense of belonging, the carefree openness, and the unguarded playfulness and curiosity of a child. Only this time it is simplicity together with knowledge and with none of the weaknesses of mind associated with childhood.

But why a return to simplicity? Or why build up and then minimize, or learn and then unlearn? Is it better that way? In the story (in post “The Enemy Within”) Dama, Vyala and Kata were overpowered as they succumbed to the ego-sense. Sambara having realized this, then produces by way of mayavic powers demons with self-knowledge – Bhima, Bhasa and Drdha. Now every time the notions of “I” or “mine” would come to them, they would inquire as to its basis and such ideation would go away. On the battlefield the gods are defeated yet again. It eventually takes Vishnu’s intervention on the battlefield – Bhima, Bhasa and Drdha are killed and being desireless attain to liberation.