We fear failure, embarrassment, loss, death, the unknown. Fear perverts our thinking. It enfeebles, enslaves and paralyzes. It causes suffering, so much so that the anxiety of what might happen is more often than not more agonizing than the event itself. Is there some way to be free from the load of our fears; so as to function, take chances and begin to live fully with no fear? Is it possible for the mind to not all the time look to past experience of pain and cast fearful thoughts of the future; but to dwell in the present, take life as it comes and do the task at hand?

Fear exists only in the mind. It is nothing but thought, the imagining, that this or that will happen. If you do not have these thoughts, there is no fear. Furthermore these thoughts have their source in our memories and recollection of pain, in the phantom we have created with its identifications and attachments. To be free from fear you have got to diminish the phantom and be closer to that which you are? You have got to diminish your sense of separateness and of self-importance.