You have a flight to catch. You pick-up the morning newspaper, open to a random page and the first article that catches your eye is about a plane crash. Is it sheer coincidence or a sign? Amid so much happening everywhere all the time, coincidences are to be expected. In a sense every moment is a coincidence, a meeting of happenings. As in the allegory of the crow that sat on a tree at the same time as a fruit fell from a high branch killing it, there is no connection between the two events or reason for it.

The mind makes connections and looks for patterns. The connections are usually rational but many a time it is nonsensical, cannot stand up to scrutiny and ought to be rejected. Instead an irrational line of thinking encouraged can turn into a menacing habit. Recognizing signs, looking for signs, even asking for signs! Such absurdities are toxic for the mind. They first take hold when you are at your most vulnerable. Visits to an astrologer or priest for an end to your troubles, the favorable time of day to undertake work, a lucky or else unlucky colour or number… are all in the end cause for paranoia and idiocy; when you should be aiming instead to clear the mind of needless traffic.