The foremost prerequisite to strong thinking is to respect and place truth above all else. This entails that you recognize the limits of knowledge and that even long and strongly held beliefs might not necessarily be right or embody the whole truth. Furthermore that nothing is sacred or beyond challenge if evidence, sound reasoning and experience suggests otherwise.

Secondly rightful thinking requires that you consider viewpoints without prejudice and without fear, having intellectually given up self-importance that clouds truth. It requires that you acknowledge that your chain of thought will undoubtedly be influenced by your history and cultural leaning and affiliations and moreover that you try sympathetically to understand the other’s viewpoint and motives by placing yourself in his shoes and environment.

Lastly intellectual truthfulness requires that you pursue evidence and reason wherever it may lead. What is more, if you agree to a submission you must in that case also admit the implications thereof and modify your belief system so as to reject that which is inconsistent with it. Also your actions must echo the beliefs and values that you yourself have built up out of such deliberations over your lifetime.