Hold a single desire and no other. Make this one desire your life’s purpose. Strive relentlessly, with determination and without wavering, with your heart and mind given to that desire. Think of that, dream of that, talk about that all the time. Allow that desire to permeate every part of your existence. This is a surefire way to achievement… only material success does not translate to lasting happiness. It does not resolve that inexplicable emptiness that we suffer.


Even as separateness caused desire, you who are knowledge adorned the veil of ignorance. It was desire for union, to be once more as That. Only steeped in ignorance you could not tell wherefrom came this hunger or where it would find fulfillment. You hungered out through the senses. You made the illusion just as you created within yourself a phantom with which to indulge in it. Driven by hunger, nourished by the senses, the phantom grew ever stronger as did the illusion take ever deeper root within your being.

Every time you indulge a desire, you reinforce the illusion and you strengthen the phantom and you take a step away from reality. The same when you go to the temple with your wish-lists and perform elaborate rituals believing that you are benefiting. On the contrary it is desire-force being wasted. If instead desire is directed inwards to the exclusion of all else. Then limb by limb the phantom drops even as the illusion falls apart. Then the veil of ignorance is lifted and you are that which is forever blissful. The one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.