Being in love is a remarkably transforming force that clears the mind of accumulated layer over layer of conditioning. You are uprooted from your past and have no concern for the future. You seek and desire only the ecstasy of being with the other. You drop all pretense, let it all come out without care for the world or yourself, and with your ego surrendered you rediscover yourself.

In doing so, love takes you ever closer to that which is love itself and the lone source of all happiness. You now feel an affection with the rest of existence. Your heart is cleansed of any anger and envy or hatred. Life and everyone and everything around you seem beautiful. You are bubbling with energy all the time. You are free and playful and there is nothing that restrains you.

A vital point to take note of here is that it is being in love, not receiving love, that brings about all this. It is something happening within you. What’s more it is irrespective of the object of your love. In actual fact there is an exaggeration of the other’s qualities and your compatibility.

As a final point there are two distinguishing ingredients in romantic love, the thrill of sexual excitement and a heightened and overwhelming intensity of desire. When either or both ingredient is lost it doesn’t quite taste the same. For the union to then endure mindful love must take its place. So be thankful for the time that you partook of love, when love happened to you …. and then move on if things don’t quite work out and do not in any case allow the past to muddy the present.