Our happiness is fragile. One moment we might be at the top of the world and at the next writhing in misery. Moreover life does not spare anybody although clearly some are dealt a far worse hand than others. So what is the best way to deal with or handle the difficult situations that life will certainly and unavoidably keep throwing at us? There are two components to this. The first is to be committed to the effort to do all that is required in any situation. Even with your every effort the desired outcome may perhaps not be forthcoming. Nevertheless in the face of setbacks you must continue to persevere. The second component (and this is the tougher part) is to possess at the same time an attitude of detachment. To labour with no fear or concern as to what the future holds, without getting anxious about results or depressed by bad fortune.

We must recognize that “worry” is venom and not allow ourselves to wallow in it. It drains us of life-energy, keeps us uselessly immobilized and bring us boundless unhappiness and despair. This is easier said than done and it can’t be stressed enough that regular practice of meditation is of enormous help. Over time from within will come an undisturbable calm in which attachment and sorrow ends. Moreover those on the spiritual path have an unshakeable faith in even the direst circumstances that in ways that cannot be fathomed all that is happening is that which is precisely necessary for their spiritual progress and to bring them closer to the ultimate goal. As a final point, as night follows day even so does day follow night and so too even the most difficult times will eventually pass.