Religious texts say that there is a single selfsame underlying reality that lies at the center of every being, the experience of which is Sat-Chit-Anand (see earlier post “among secrets I am silence”). Sat or being, as it is that which truly exists with no beginning or end – Chit or knowledge, as all else is the product of ignorance and the illusion of Maya – and Ananda or bliss, as it is the one source of all happiness.

So you have oneness which is bliss itself and on the other hand there is the ego or sense of separateness which is ridden with pain. The closer we are to Satchitanand, to that oneness, more is the joyfulness in our lives. Both love and selfless service are movements towards oneness. Does this concur with our every day experience? Anger, envy and hatred are always accompanied by agitation and misery and never with joy. When you are doing something hurtful there is an unease or the instinctive inner voice of conscience that admonishes you. Then again for some reason you are looking for purpose and to contribute so that your existence seems more meaningful. And when you are helpful and caring there is always an unexplained satisfaction that you feel within. Selfless service purifies the mind and fills it with joy. Except there can be no giving without a receiving. And so, we must be thankful for the opportunity to serve and the receiver who accepts the love that we have and so desperately need to give.