In the Bhagavad Gita 10:38, Sri Krishna says “among secrets I am silence”. The Bhagavad Gita reads as a handbook to achieving silence. Whether it is selfless service, duty without care to the results, love, surrender, discernment, mindfulness or meditation – all are means to bringing about a silent mind.

Some 8000 years ago, the sages of ancient India turned their attention to their own minds. The science of yoga is the outcome of their enduring investigations. They studied the workings of the mind and devised methods to make the mind ever more silent so as to explore deeper regions of the mind that you are normally not aware of. The sages were able to remarkably achieve a state where thought itself had ceased and little remained but an awareness of “I-am”. Beyond that silence, in the climax of their meditation, the inner world of spirit began to reveal itself and even the sense of I-am dissolved into a sea of limitless bliss free of duality.

Sages have been known to dwell in the trance-like state of samadhi for several days or weeks, during which time their body shows little sign of life. When he (or she) returns, he can but say that he was in bliss. He feels rejuvenated. From within comes the conviction – “That is the Self of all. That became the mind in all minds, the body in all bodies. And yet That is other than the mind or the body. I am That”. He yearns for more – to always be as That. He is no longer content with any condition which involves a loss of self-knowledge or a foregoing of this bliss. Eventually the experience of samadhi takes possession of his whole consciousness. At that time there is no longer the need to go into (and return from) samadhi. He is forever established in this natural state.

I, the pure, stainless and infinite consciousness beyond maya, look upon this body in action like the body of another. The mind, the intellect, the senses, etc. are all the play of consciousness. They are unreal and seam to exist only due to lack of insight. Unmoved by adversity, a friend of all the world in prosperity, without ideas of existence and non-existence, I live free from misery. Inactive am I, desireless, clear as the sky, free from hankering, tranquil, formless, everlasting and unmoving. I have now clearly understood that the five elements, the three worlds and I myself are pure consciousness. I am above everything; I am present everywhere; I am like space; I am that which really exists; I am unable to say anything beyond this. Let imaginary waves of the universe rise or fall in me who am the ocean of infinite consciousness; there is no increase or decrease in me. How wonderful that in me, the infinite ocean of consciousness, waves of jivas (individual souls) rise, sport for a while and disappear according to their nature. The world which has come into existence on account of my ignorance has dissolved likewise in me. I now directly experience the world as supreme bliss of consciousness. I prostate to myself who am within all being, the ever free self abiding as inner consciousness.    – Yoga Vasistha

Perhaps this is what Jesus refers to when he says in Luke 17:20-21 “The Kingdom of God cometh not with outward show. Neither shall they say, ‘Lo, it is here!’ or ‘Lo, it is there!’ For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” and then in John 10:30 “I and My Father are one.”