Happiness is of the mind or rather it is the mind that feels happy or unhappy. There is a basic rule of happiness and it is that “happiness is proportionate to silence”. We have only to look into the past to the moments in our lives that we have been happiest or the next time we are happy to note the condition of our mind. You will find the mind either focused (with hardly any distracting thoughts) or with no thoughts. You sleep deeply and you get up refreshed. You are playing a sport or an instrument or are working without anxiety and your mind is focused. You want something terribly and are miserable. But the instant that you get what you crave, there is no more wanting and you are happy. Or you are in love with no concern for the world or yourself. On the other hand you observe the mind when you are miserable or worried or afraid. For example, fear is the mind compulsively thinking – this or that will happen. How to bring about a more silent mind will be the topic of another post. To an extent it can be achieved through simply shunning thoughts as above except that thoughts are the product of interactions in the mind that we in fact have not much control over.