Are qualities like ambition and aggression and arrogance essential to achievement? Ego is an exaggerated sense of separateness from the rest of life. The above mentioned qualities are an outcome of our ego and in turn also nourish it.

Cannot for instance the desire to contribute or love (as a feeling of oneness) be a driver to action? Somehow I feel compelled to propose here that no work of beauty or creativity or genius has ever been the product of ambition or aggression or arrogance of a puffed up ego.

Or else cannot one simply be committed to effort, to attend to ones vocation or whatever challenge life brings forth with all one’s heart and mind. Not driven by greed, yet every moment to give your 100% effort to doing what you must do.

A common misconception is that religion calls for a life of inaction (in opposition to existence and the movement of life) or for us to renounce the whole lot and move to a cave in a forest far away from any contact with people. When by renunciation, what is asked to be given up is merely selfish attachment and ego involvement.